About Roto-Flex® Oven Co.

Simply put, our deck ovens produce like a conveyor oven, but cook like a deck.

Conveyor Ovens

  • Conveyer ovens are widely used in the franchises of the world because of the volume they can produce. You can get that volume with less labor and you don’t have to contract highly skilled oven bakers to get the job done when you use deck ovens.
  • The conveyer oven puts out a pretty good pizza, but the dough has to be the right formula. Your mother’s secret bread recipe might not turn out the same in a conveyor oven design without some adjustment.
  • You'll have to invest in pans for pizzas and other menu items because you can't cook directly on the screen.
  • Most conveyor ovens are designed with top radiant heat and a gas fired bottom. A major disadvantage of this design is the top heat can dry out pizza toppings and the bottom can be undercooked.
  • Unless you have a double stack or triple stack conveyor oven you’d have to take pizzas out or leave them in against the timer to get a fully cooked pizza at different bread thickness or sizes.
  • Conveyor ovens have very large space footprints and often take up the most space in a restaurant kitchen.
  • Conveyor ovens typically use 220 volt electric and gas and can have high energy bills attached to them because a large quantity of heat escapes in the open design.

Traditional Deck Ovens and Double Deck Ovens

  • Decks ovens use convection heat that cooks all around the pizza or menu item.
  • Deck ovens are typically square and have a smaller footprint than conveyor ovens.
  • The largest issue with this design is you get hotspots in the ovens, this causes uneven cooking. You don’t want one side of pizza cooked and one not.
  • There is a lot of labor in cooking a pizza in this type of oven, especially if you're high volume. Pizzas have to be rotated and moved to different parts of the oven to get an even cook. In fact, an experienced New York pie guy will make 60 to 70K a year to cook pizza because of the experience needed.
  • You can and most likely will at one point burn your arms on a traditional deck oven by moving items in and out of this oven design.
  • One major benefit of deck ovens is you can cook different menu items in a single deck, double, or multi-deck oven.
  • Pizza can be cooked directly on the deck and stone decks are popular because of the flavor and crisp that can be achieved.

Roto-Flex Rotating Deck Ovens

  • You get high production in a small footprint, what you can do in a six foot floor space using one of our rotating deck ovens. You can’t do that in a conveyor oven in the same space. It would take a 12 ft by 5 ft space to keep up with the production of one Roto-Flex rotating deck oven. In fact you can cook 24 18” pizzas at one time.
  • You can cook sandwiches, pastas, Stromboli, calzones… even Italian beef, it’s not just for pizza.
  • The Roto-Flex rotating deck oven comes with as many as four vertically sliding glass doors for faster loading and unloading of pizza.
  • Air curtains across doors keep heat in and will help reduce your energy bill.
  • The Roto-Flex rotating deck oven has a dual gas system. Not only do you have a primary system, you also have a backup secondary gas system.
  • The decks rotate horizontally. The pizza comes to you! Less reaching is required and finally, no more burns!
  • Most Roto-Flex deck ovens ship with stone decks giving you that great bottom crisp that pizza lovers crave.
  • The interior is lit. This in conjunction with the glass doors, lets you view your pizzas or other plates without opening the doors.
  • Cook on the deck, on screens or in pans.
  • Roto-Flex ovens are energy efficient: The heat stays inside the oven because of the innovative design and insulation.

As you can see there are some major differences in the different deck oven designs. The Roto-Flex oven combines the best of both worlds and truly solves the major issues involved with traditional conveyor and deck ovens. If you'd like to see a video or hear from a Roto-Flex representative call us at (210) 222-2278 or contact us.